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ColourCoat™ Painted Glass


ColourCoat™ by SPG is a revolutionary way of applying paint to glass. ColourCoat by SPG is commonly utilised in the kitchen as a Splashback, which doubles as not only a stunning backdrop for your kitchen, but a practical one too because ColourCoat™ is clean and grout-free.

ColourCoat™ by SPG can also be utilised as Wall Cladding not only in various wet areas (bathrooms etc.) but as external and internal wall cladding; setting your project apart from the rest.

With ColourCoat™ by SPG you are assured that you are choosing the correct colour for your next project as we offer a colour-consultation with our fully accredited in-house interior decorator as well as a computer colour-matching service.

With limitless colours and applications available, the only limit is your imagination. ColourCoat™ is available in annealed, toughened and custom laminated varieties.

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