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Toughened Glass/Toughened Heat-Soaked


Toughened glass is glass with additional features to make it less likely to break, or pose less threat when broken. 

"Five Times Stronger Than Ordinary Glass"

Toughened Glass


Toughened safety glass is produced by placing the glass in a toughening furnace. The glass is heated and then rapidly cooled enabling the glass to retain high compressive stresses.


The physical characteristics of the glass remain the same, however the added stresses in the glass increase the thermal and mechanical strength of the glass.


Toughened glass is a Grade A safety glass, its strength is 4 to 5 times greater than that of float glass of the same thickness. In an event toughened glass will break into small particles reducing the risk of serious injury.


All products sold by Surfers Paradise Glass & Mirrors are of the highest quality and complies with AS/NZ2208 (Glass in Buildings Selection and Installation) and is certified "Grade A Toughened Safety Glass". 

Toughened Heat-Soaked Glass


Toughened heat-soaked glass is produced by placing toughened glass within a heat-soaking chamber.


The glass is heated and cooled, causing toughened glass susceptible to spontaneous breakage due to Nickel Sulphide to explode.


This process does not eliminate the Nickel Sulphide within the glass, however it greatly reduces the risk of breakage.


It is compulsory under the Building Code of Australia to heat-soak all vertical glazing above 5 metres off the ground.

Advantages of Toughened Glass
  • Superior Strength
  • Long Lasting
  • Safety and Security
  • Versatility
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